About us

I am Wille. For us, it’s very simple. What we do today shapes our tomorrow and it’s this thought that guides us in everything we create. This is the backbone of recycled by wille – our drive to always think further ahead and constantly improve.

Tomorrow today

Earth’s resources are not limitless and, as far as we know, there is no planet B to lean on. Even if there were, we shouldn’t take the risk.

Wille is here

Over the course of many long years of involvement in the textile industry, we have seen a lot. Many really good things, many not quite so good, and, unfortunately, some really bad things.

But because we believe in development, that everything can change and that nothing is impossible, recycled by wille grew from what we saw. All because we wanted to make a difference – we still do, and will always want to.

We dare to go our own way, but we’d rather go with you

You can follow the herd, or you can do what we do. We use materials left over from other textile productions and create new products from what would have otherwise gone to waste. Simply put, old becomes new, saving us both water and energy – 50% water and 30% energy to be exact.

Our products consist of 99% recycled material and we strive to cause as little negative impact on the environment and people as possible.

Dye is not our cup of tea

Because we collect, sort and process other companies’ waste fabrics, we can create new products without re-dyeing or adding chemicals.

We put our energies into saving the world instead of mixing up batches of the season’s trendiest colours. Let there be no doubt – recycling is the new black.

We take it personally

Being a small company is perhaps one of our biggest strengths. It allows us to be flexible, brave and able to take quick decisions based on what we see that works and what doesn’t.

By focusing on the little details, we can create a better and more resource-efficient whole. It embodies our vision.

For us, being environmentally aware is also about taking social responsibility. We have a very close relationship with the people who physically manufacture our products. This makes it personal. Very personal.

We’re in this together

Every action we take is like dropping a stone in a pond – it creates ripples. The more of us who take responsibility and make active choices for a better tomorrow today, the greater the effect. Alone we are strong, but together we’re stronger.

Thank you for also thinking about tomorrow, today.

recycled by wille